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While playing backyard tackle football at age 14, I suffered my first concussion while making a tackle placing my head to the side and across the front of the ball carrier and getting hit directly by their hip to my right temple. From that day forward, I taught myself to tackle using a highly aggressive tackling technique ripping both arms in an upper cut motion, impacting the ball carrier with both shoulders. And today, my "Hosea-Method" Helmet-Free-Tackle Certification is the Highest Standard of Care for protecting the immediate and long term brain health and wellness from "self-directed" helmet-involved FORM and ANGLE tackles during live football competition.
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All Certified Helmet-Free-Tackle students are brought into compliance with California Assembly Bill-1 Youth Football Act, they are specifically trained to readily Identify, Eliminate and Replace the Physical Mechanisms, Tackling Terminology, Tackling Drills and Tackling Techniques that lead to Crown first Impact and Helmet Exposure to contact while a Defender is in the act of making a FORM or ANGLE tackle during live football competition.
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