Attention Please: "ALL" California Youth Tackle Football Coaches seeking GUARANTEED Compliance with California Assembly Bill-1 Youth Football Act, please note, time is short to enroll and complete both the "Classroom / Online" and on the "Field" portions of our course before the 2022 season starts. Please Subscribe and download our 12-Step E-Book / Calendar to start and complete the "Online / Classroom" portion before September 30, 2022. You'll will be eligible to take the "Field" Portion of our course. You must be in full compliance with CA AB-1 Youth Football Act in order for you to be eligible to coach California Youth tackle football in 2022.

The 12-Step Seal of Assurance!

The Hosea-Method's 12-Step Seal of Assurance, assures tacklers who follow each of the 12-Steps while making a tackle, will never initiate contact with the crown of their helmet, nor expose their head to contact while they are in the act of making a tackle during live football competition.

Safety Is Only A Word, If You Don't Know What Is Dangerous!

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ALL HFT-Certified California Youth Football Coaches get GUARANTEED California Assembly Bill-1 Youth Football Act Compliance for 2022!

Special 25th Anniversary "Tuition-Assist" Campaign"

ALL Coaches and players, invite all of your friends, family members, your school student body and co-workers to support you in becoming a first generation "Concussion-Prevention-Specialist"!  By purchasing and Downloading our beautiful digital WORDS-TO-PLAY-BY 12-STEP 2022 Calendar in your support for $15, each Calendar purchased in support with your tuition, you'll receive your unique HFT code you earn $8 towards your "Tuition" for 2022 and $7 goes directly to you. 


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It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, It also Takes A Village To Protect A Child As Well. With your purchase and download of our Beautiful 2022 WORDS-TO-PLAY-BY 12-STEP Calendar, You Are Helping Protect And Maintain The immediate And Long Term Brain Health and Wellbeing For Our tackle football playing Children. Thank You For Caring Enough To #SupportBrainHealthInTackleFootball

Train A Child Up In The Way That He Should Go, And when He is Old, He Shall Not Depart. Proverbs 22:6

i #SupportBrainHealthInTackleFootball

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We want to HFT Concussion-Prevention Specialists certify 12,000 Athletic Trainers by September 2022.

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