The Hosea-Method

The Only Concussion Preventive Tackle Technique of its kind on Earth!

In 1997, I was no different than most Youth football parents of today, I was  deathly afraid of my son Steven suffering a severe brain, neck or spinal injury tackling improperly with his head. 

So, I offered my services as an assistant coach to help out the team so I could watch out for Steven making sure he wouldn't get needlessly injured by tackling with his head.  

As fate would have it, the previous season's Head Coach's work schedule forced him to step down and I reluctantly became the new Head coach.  

Then, I said a simple prayer, seeking Divine guidance from the All Mighty to "teach me to teach them" and as the old saying goes, the rest is history.  

The day after my prayer I developed, my Hosea-Method tackle technique, the only evidence based, concussion preventive tackling technique of its kind on earth.




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Bobby Hosea

In 1997 while coaching my 12 year old son Steven's team his first year of tackle football, I was so fearful of giving injurious tackling instructions to the kids that I prayed for Divine guidance to teach the children to tackle safe and effectively like I did as a player. The very next day I created my now "evidence based" WORDS-TO-PLAY-BY 12-Step Tackle Progression system, Helmet-Free-Tackle / The Hosea-Method!

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